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Hard Core Boxing League (WeBL)
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Current Gym Rankings
updated weekly, 09-01-2003

1.The Art of Boxing Gym
    71 Titles
    $448,444 earned

2.Gondola`s Bravehearts
    41 Titles
    $317,890 earned

    25 Titles
    $66,498 earned

4.Tierra de los Boricuas
    14 Titles
    $71,422 earned

5.Russian Roulette
    6 Titles
    $148,706 earned

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Hard Core League News

The following 3 Gyms are the first round Winners!
The Art of Boxing Gym
Gondola`s Bravehearts
Tierra de los Boricuas
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1. Due to a busy schedule, Gondola`s Bravehearts will be retiring for a short time.

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