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August 22, 2005 - Mexico City.
From WBC President Jose Sulaiman:

“The medical and referees seminar, organized by the WBC in coordination with the Indonesian sports government, opened today in Jakarta, Indonesia.

“There were more than 100 people in attendance from all the different stratus of the boxing community in that country, as well as 60 boxing doctors who founded a National Medical Safety Board that will, in the future, be the only authority to approve boxing matches in Indonesia and for boxers travelling out of the country. There were also about 30 referees who attended a very thorough lecture regarding the referees’ role in safety, combined with the doctors’ for neurological signals.

“The congress was opened by the Minister of Sports of Indonesia, who expressed profound gratitude and congratulations to the WBC for this humanitarian and professional congress for the safety of boxing in the country, and the betterment of the sport.

“The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the WBC’s Medical Board were the lecturers in the medical field, and the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the WBC Ring Officials Committee were the organizers of the referees’ clinic.

“There were promoters, representatives of the the two national boxing commissions of Indonesia, trainers, managers, and members of the media attending the congress, and the first day was a great success with the participation of all attending.

“We will continue the seminar with workshops, and there will also be appointed a referees’ supervisory committee.

“There were several videos produced by the WBC for referees and sports medicine that were shown to the attendants, and basic guidelines for refereeing and ring doctors were distributed, as well.

“The WBC also sent a recommendation for a national boxing rules commission that is the world model being followed and implemented in most of the countries that are affiliated with the WBC.

“Congratulations were extended by the Minister of Sports to the WBC and its president for this great congress that is the first in a series that the WBC will organize in as many countries of the world as is possible, striving for safety in boxing.

“All the members of the WBC are very proud and deeply satisfied, as am I, for the great effort and accomplishment of the workforce that was sent to Indonesia, following a program that was especially prepared for this safety congress.

“I also congratulate the federal government of Indonesia for their participation, organization, and cooperation regarding this congress.

“The backbone of the WBC in the last quarter century has been safety, and it has been the WBC that has changed the world of boxing as most, if not all, of its medical basic guidelines are today implemented all over the world.”

Wayne McCullough Named WBC Ambassador…

In view that Wayne McCullough has been not only one of the most courageous fighters - honoring his Irish blood - but also an extraordinary example in his private life, the World Boxing Council has decided to appoint him World Ambassador for Peace and Goodwill in Sports at the WBC’s upcoming annual world convention to be held in Gibraltar, Spain, from October 2 through October 8, 2005, where the organization will discuss a program of exemplary conduct within boxing and international sports.

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