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4MannyPacMoralesFight (14K) Post fight Pacquiao Vs Morales Mailbag: Part Four

By Kimo Morrison - 3/25/2005

Revisit the Action. Round by Round: Pacquiao Vs Morales


There are so many ways that they did to manny which effectively affected his fight! ...ist! the thicker gloves! 2nd!...the blood samples they took to fight a days before their fight!....why????

Kimo Morrison:

I don't know if it was "they" as some conspirators group or anything, but this is the "chaos" that I spoke of that goes hand in hand with a boxing match that seems so easy to predict as many thought would be the case.

Erik Castro:

What a great fight. Though I'm a filipino fan, I salute Erik for a gallant fight. He's a good and clean fighter not unlike Barrera where he punched EM during the press conference. EM for me is as gentleman as PAC that other fighters should emulate. If there's a rematch, will PAC be given the same or more talent fee since his presence is a blockbuster? Also, I've heard that Murad cheated PAC coz the supposed pay per view percentage due for PAC went to Murad's pocket. Also his contract of $1.75M but the actual is $2.5M. Why are those people cheat good fighters while they still could get enough from percentage. So Manny made a decision of shifting to Finkel as new Manager. Would it be a wise decision on PAC? If he fights MAB or Marquez, will he gets ($1.75M), more or less?

Kimo Morrison:

It is really the lesser of two evils as far as I am concerned when it comes to the bottom feeding leaches that are promoters for the most part. In case of MAB being a bad guy, there was a lot of personal stuff between the two of those guys that we will never fully understand and it was many years now as he has grown and I am sure regrets those actions he took way back when. This is a game of fighting and tempers flare, it is unfair for us to call foul when the fists' fly outside of the ring as well.


The fight between these two gentlemen was a classic!!! A rematch is in order to give boxing fans the fights they love to see. These two made this division more like the heavyweights with respect to fight attendance and pay per view subscriptions. No one created an electrifying energy as both these fighters created when they stepped in the ring and boxed. Congratulations to both of you, you are the Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony of boxing. Hope to see your much awaited rematch.

Kimo Morrison:

Well I agree with you for the first 3 rounds and the last 3 but the in between left Manny looking pretty dazed and confused, very lopsided IMO.


Props to Morales. My man Pacquiao got beat again by a better boxer. Not sure if PACMAN can ever develop into a technician of a JM or Morales caliber, but he can take this learning experience for his next fight. Hope we get another opportunity to take on one of Mexico's warriors after his cut is fully healed. If that doesn't happen, I think many would agree they would love to see JM vs. Barrera or Morales. What the hell. Make it a double header against any combination of these 4 warriors. PEACE

Kimo Morrison:

Why not? I think Pac has a chance to beat any of them in a rematch just the same as he has caught some bad luck himself, they may have misfortune fall their way the next time.


i was wondering what if Joe Cortez had called it right in the fifth round that the cut was caused by the headbutt would there a point be deducted from Morales and wouldn't Pacquiao have won the round? And if so wouldn't the fight have been at least a draw or a win?

Kimo Morrison:

No, it would have been TKO win for Morales because of the miscalled diagnosis on the cut and how it was acquired.


bro,, manny did not give 100% vs em. manny fought different which is to me is good coz he throws more combos than his previous fights, i didn't see a one-dimensional manny, did u? he only give 50% for this fight but hurts em many times, with this performance of 50%, do u think he can kd mab or jmm?

Kimo Morrison:

I agree, he looked about 50%...after the 1st round dazing he took when he about landed outside the ropes on his ass. I don't think that Pac expected that at all and was thrown back by the fury and boiling anger that Erik came at him with. Not to mention that he was blistered by those combo's and I think it hurt him more than was led on.

Benny A. Antonio:

Dear Mr.Barrio (Kimo), I agree that some of my filipino compatriots don't know boxing that much,maybe they are all new converts to the sport. But i have been a boxing fan for over 30 years.Hell,i even took it up because of my addiction to it! It has served me well,because i have yet to loose a street fight. Don't get me wrong though,i'm not a thug! Now to the Pacquiao-Morales fight,simply put Morales played it very smart. He always ended each round fighting to impress the judges,which he eventually did.He controlled the fight with his jab and right hand,fully exploiting manny's weaknesses which are that he can't fight backing up,and he can't fight at close quarters! But this does not changed the fact that manny is a real warrior and a very explosive and dangerous fighter.Just beacause Erik won,many people including you mr. Barrio, think his victory over Barrera was a fluke-what baloney! Manny that night was simply superb! I never saw anybody execute such a vicious attack to the head and body so thoroughly! Manny is just too much for Barrera! Also to our Mexican brothers,your compatriot Erik won,so i offer my congratulations,but please tell Erik not to gloat! sincerely,Benny

Kimo Morrison:

I agree whole heartedly sir!


The fight of PACMAN and Morales is truly a classic. Both man gave their best and kept their promised that it will be an action pack match.I salute Morales and PACMAN.

Kimo Morrison:

I liked the fight, though I would only list the last round in that of "classic" reels.


but not as great as mixed martial arst so please all you morons atop calling it fighting cus boxing is only one aspect of fighting..unlike mixed fighting where you have brazilian jiujitsu,boxing,kixkboxing,muaythai,wrestling,and judo so stop calling it a fighjt its just boxing match!

Kimo Morrison:

Okay Soprano


honestly, what do you think about the cut? is it coz of the punch or by a head butt??

Kimo Morrison:

head butt.


Everything went bad for Manny. EM took him to school. Joe Cortez made a bad call ruling the cut on Manny was caused by a legal punch instead of a headbutt. And the ring doctor made Manny looking wanting to quit by asking questions in spanish when he went up the ring to check on Manny's cut. No wonder Manny looked baffled. He must have thought it was an interview inbetween rounds.

Kimo Morrison:

Manny looked like a man who had never been hurt that bad before and didn't know whether to quit or not. I think he was trying to gather whether or not the ref had called it by a punch or not. I believe that had Cortez called it accidental, the fight would have been stopped right then.


I think Manny wasn't able to carry his usuall power at 130 or just Eric is just too big and has really that granite chin? If I'm Manny I'll go back to 126 where his power is tested and I'll fight only at 130 if Barrera is his opponent or maybe WBO 130lb champ Mike Achondo whose only 5'6(about the same height of Manny) and has reach of 66(Manny has 67).

Kimo Morrison:

I disagree, I think that Manny has the same power, he just got hurt early and was on a temporary recomposer lapse and looked as if he was lacking power. He was just starting to get back to his normal self when BAM the head butt too send him back to noodle leg feeling.

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