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Revisiting Crawford Grimsley: Huge punching heavyweight "Terminator" who stood up to legendary puncher, "Big" George Foreman.

Alden "The Kid" Chodash - 8/10/2006

Crawford Grimsley, a former accomplished Kick-Boxer, decided to try his luck as a pugilist, turning to the professional boxing world in 1994 with a one-round blowout of Steve Paolilli. The Floridian power-puncher defeated nineteen extra opponents (with only two going the distance) before trying to test his power at the world class stage against aging yet dangerous and guile George Foreman.

Despite a somewhat slow start, Foreman dominated the latter rounds en route to a unanimous decision. After the loss to Foreman, Grimsley's promoters were trying to arrange a fight with dynamic punching, must-see prospect David Tua if Crawford were to glide past Jimmy Thunder reminiscent to Grimsley's 20 victims on his resume.

Grimsley, somewhat too overconfident in his chin after standing up to "Big" George Foreman for twelve rounds, took a heavy right hand counter shot by Thunder that laid him out almost immediately after the first bell sounded. Crawford's career soured after the devastating loss. In "The Terminator's" next affair he took on undefeated Dane Brian Nielson and succumbed to Nielson's attack in the seventh. Grimsley then gathered his last two victories to inferior fighters (Isaac Poole and Tommy Mucciogrosso) before drawing with Nick Nurse and being stopped by Andre Purlette that drew the end of "The Terminator's" career.

Alden "The Kid" Chodash is the newest and youngest member of the Boxing Writers Association of America, as well as webmaster of

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