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2MannyPacMoralesFight (20K) Electricity Like No Other: Part I

John Chavez - 3/22/2005

Well this degenerate boxing junkie and gambler has no other way to describe the fight this past weekend other than "Electricity like no other". I honestly can't say that I've been to a great number of high-caliber fights but this one definitely had the juice to stand with any of them. Around 5 o'clock the boys and I start really turning up the heat on killing our Remy bottle to get into that drunken frenzy that is required for them to turn into maniacal rabid fans. I don't need the liquor, I was born rabid.

We get to the MGM Grand Garden Arena at around 6 o'clock feeling nice and toasty, anxious as we await what we came to see. We caught the end of the Castillo-Morel fight and just wanted the thing to be over. Next was the Chavez Jr. fight which I was happy to hear was a 6 round fight. I could NOT WAIT for the main event. I was jittery in my seat begging for a first round knockout. After the first round was over I couldn't contain myself so I got up out of my seat and posted outside smoking like I was a father waiting for his first born to pop out.

I'm standing around with one of the boys and start asking some other anxious folks about the outcome of the fight. What a big surprise, the Mexicans say Morales, the Filipinos say Pacquiao. I spotted some guy with a Wild-Card jacket on and ask him some questions. He stated that he was pretty tight with Roach and after seeing Pacquiao look pretty sharp that all his dollars was on Pacman by stoppage, with some change on a first round stoppage. In my head, I'm thinking, maybe my distance bet wasn't the smartest thing. But then I remind myself that I'm the best damn boxing gambler ever created and that I will NOT be wrong. In any case, we pop back in the arena to see that the Chavez fight is over, thank the lord it ended early. I was thinking, great, now time for the real deal.

In my drunken stupor I forgot that we still had one more to go in the Arce-Hussein fight. I'm feeling like I want to jump in the ring and knock both of those mosquito weights out just to make the main event come sooner. I can hardly contain myself. I once again stumble outside to smoke my cancer sticks and get more opinions of the fight. While I'm standing there I see a chin like Jay Leno's on a Mexican guy and realize that it's Jose Luis Castillo. Man for all the top notch fights and wars he's been in, people sure don't realize who he is. I yell out, "CASTILLO!!!" As he walks down the stairs to the VIP section and he turns around and nods at me giving me that look like, "I'd love to fuck your drunk ass up!"

After trying to saturate my lungs with cancer particles, I hear some cheering going on in the Arena so I jump back in my seat and anxiously watch the Arce-Hussein fight. I'm watching this fight and thinking to myself, man, this is a good goddamn fight. How come I'm not enjoying it? Maybe because I have zero patience. Anyways, I'm happier than John Ruiz hugging up on some half-naked man when the fight is stopped in the 10th. Great fight and it would be a hard act to follow had it been any other guys.

I'm watching as the fighters leave the ring and can feel the roof about to pop off this sucker. As I look around I'd say that the Arena was divided exactly in half. Filipino flags everywhere, Mexican flags everywhere. I see 2 guys get into the ring with each guy waving the flag of their respective countries. I'm thinking damn it Famosito, why can't you buy or some how acquire some talent like these guys.

The crowd is slowly starting to gather more momentum. That's when I heard the beginning of "Eye of the Tiger". The pro-Pacman crowd erupts into a frenzy. I feel the goose bumps on my balls light up as the electricity just boomed through the air. I'm thinking, damn, this Pacquiao crowd has juice. He enters the ring and his fans are still creating an astounding rumble. I'm thinking, man I wonder if the Morales contingent can top this. Then I hear the classic sounds of the Mexican Banda music...Stay Tuned for Part II

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