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The Return of Jab…A Weekly Boxing Newsletter/Column

Isaac Barrio - 3/21/2005

Time…time…time, something I never have enough of. Somehow, some where, I have found a miniscule amount time to reintroduce a weekly boxing column called JAB. Why Jab? Why not? Boxing needs a hard hitting column that isn't afraid to push boundaries and ruffle some feathers. Like it or not, Hardcore Boxing is here to stay. Tune in or tune out.

MannyPacPhoto2005 (19K) Pacquiao Vs Morales

The history books will look kindly upon this bout. Pacquiao and Morales are text book definitions of what a REAL professional boxer should be. They have no fear. They held nothing back. They gave 110%. It is a shame one had to walk away a loser. Pacquiao may have lost but I see no reason why he shouldn't hold his head high. As well, Pacquiao fans should be proud of their national hero. Erik Morales was on his game. Morales had a well thought out plan and he executed this plan to the tee. Morales held his Mexican Machismo in check and avoided the big brawl on several occasions. Yet, when it was apparent that the W was in the bag Morales stood his ground during the 12th and fought back despite the beckoning calls to pull a De La Hoya and run. The better man won this time around; let us hope Pacquiao gets a second crack at Morales.

Valeroedw (5K) Et tu, Valero?

Sell out. Betrayal. Seems like prospect Edwin Valero has the finer points of boxing down. Why in the world would a low level gym fighter make such statements? If you don't know or haven't heard, Valero told Maxboxing that he put it on good to Morales during training and that he is selling his car so he can have some money to bet on Pacquiao. What kind of mud sucking shit is that? Well Valero! I hope you have some good walking shoes. Someone in De La Hoya's organization better tell Valero to shut the fuck up.

vargas2005Return (10K) The Return of Fernando Vargas

Mighty, Mean, Ferocious Fernando Vargas makes his ring return when he faces Raymond Joval on March 26th. Despite his issues in the past with the battle of the bulge and steroids, it is a welcome return from the sport of boxing for Fernando Vargas. Vargas brings excitement and raw fury when he steps in the ring. No one is arguing that Vargas is the best, and for certain he will not be the best at Middleweight where Bernard Hopkins remains king. What Vargas does bring is what boxing needs most; a fan following and a desire to please. Here is wishing to a successful return for Fernando. Good luck and best of health.

The Final Bell

It appears that the internet is now the mainstream source for boxing news and coverage. If you look for a boxing story in your local paper chances are you won't find it. Your lucky is you catch a glimpse of a story about boxing on ESPN. So why then do the promoters and their partners bite the hands that feed them? Is there really a hope that a newspaper will offer up more then an AP story on the 4th page of the sports section? It isn't happening! Promoters, Boxing companies, BZA, support your Internet news sources…it is the only thing you have.

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