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The Best Damn Mailbag in Boxing

Isaac Barrio - 7/08/2005

In this edition of the best damn mailbag in boxing we tackle questions on Kostya Tszyu, Manny Pacquiao, Ricky Hatton, HCB's pound for pound list, and much more.



Isaac Barrio

I agree, they are worthy of mention. That is what the problem is with lb4lb list…someone gets left off. I think Miguel and Zab will eventually find their way on some list. Taylor has a tougher road ahead as he is in with the top fighter in Bernard Hopkins. I think Hopkins once again reveals to the boxing World just how good he is. Hopkins runs away with the bout against Taylor and scores an easy Unanimous Decision. Thanks for writing in!


Hello Sir, My name is Jim I have to ask you about the Tszyu-Hatton fight. Am I just a blind Tszyu fan or was that fight all wrong. Holding& hitting just all around dirty fighting by Hatton, and a bias referee who let it all happen!!! God bless Tszyu he won't say shit if he hade a mouth full, he has too much character for that. But please tell me don't you think he had a mouth full that night?? Thank you for your opinion, yours truly, Mr. Angry Jim Larson.

Isaac Barrio

Hatton fought his fight…which was the style he had to fight in order to win. With that said…Yes it was a very dirty fight. I saw shades of Nigel Benn vs. Gerald McClellan. Call me crazy but I even saw Hatton nod at the Ref as to let him know it was ok to break them up. Now…I don't think that the Ref was bought off with money but I do think he favored the hometown fighter…either way it was a horrible job. Which brings us to Ricky Hatton vs. Floyd Mayweather; it is hard to imagine that Mayweather makes the trip across the pond to fight Ricky. The money would have to be extremely right for Mayweather to take such a big risk. Mayweather isn't afraid to fight Hatton, but it would be beneficial for him to fight in the US because the nonsense that was allowed in the Tszyu bout will not be allowed in the states.

Jordan Nolan

"El Feroz" The Ferocious Fernando Vargas will defeat castillejo and will retain his title and if he don't his still the winner in my eyes Fernando Vargas Rules!!!!:)

Isaac Barrio

I think you are correct; Fernando Vargas should get passed Javier Castillejo. Will Vargas retain any titles for a long period of time? Who knows? What I do know is that Vargas is good for the sport of Boxing. "El Feroz" brings a fire and passion only matched by a few. I think Vargas has made amends for his mistakes…let's move on and give him support…and maybe he can bring some fans back to the sport of Boxing.



Isaac Barrio

Well let's see...He was beaten Shane Mosley, Fernando Vargas, JC Candelo, Bronco McKart, and now Felix Trinidad. If you don't believe me you can check out his record at Boxrec.com. Hers is the link to his Bio page Winky Wright


Regardless of all the excuses from Pacquiao's camp and Filipino fans. It was the skill level and experience that Morales brought to this fight to ensure a win. I don't believe that Pacquiao is a skillful fighter, it seem to me he was looking for a knock out punch, which ultimately did not come and eventually spoiled the Filipino's game plan. I have yet to see a great fighter come out of the Philippines and compete at the level of Mexican fighters.

My understanding is from Filipinos young and old here in the U.S. that in the Philippines boxing is not regarded as a one of the top sports. Hence, not attracting great numbers to the sport, like in Mexico. In Mexico there are thousands of guys going in to the sport that maybe 50 out of a thousand will be great fighters. In the Philippines that's not the case (per my understanding) which yields a great love and dedication for the sport of boxing. Not to take anything a way from the Philippines, but I think they should stick to cock fighting, which by the way breed and fight roosters from the USA. If I had to give Pacquiao advice it would probably be, stay away from Mexican fighters and only stick with Europeans and Puerto Ricans they are not as hard to defeat. Not hating just giving honest opinions.

Isaac Barrio

Well...I have to disagree. Manny can mix it up with the best as he proved in dismantling a good boxer by the name of Marco Antonio Barrera. Manny also had another great Mexican fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez, on the brink of a first round TKO. Manny fought the wrong fight with Morales…looking only to land his Manila- Vanilla-Thrilla…whatever. Manny should have gone to the body early and often. Manny showed his inexperience when he got cut. If that cut affected the final outcome then it was simply due to Manny's inexperience. I do agree about the no crying part. Manny lost…get over it!!

Ron Sena

Kendall Gill
What is it with some of these guy's who have made it in another sport think that they can turn to boxing????? Don't they know that boxing is not a team sport??? BOXING HAS MADE FOOL'S OF EVERY ATHLETE FROM ANOTHER SPORT.....YOUR THOUGHT'S PLEASE.....

Isaac Barrio

I think we all know that he will never be a world champion. I hear that he is doing for a desire to fulfill one of his lifelong aspirations. I have no problem with that. If Kendall wants to box then I say let him. If he is man enough to handle the danger then more power to him. In case you missed it, Ringside Report has a great write up about Kendall's first fight NBA Star Kendall Gill Wins Pro Debut in Chicago

Maurice DePalma

Why is it that you can't see the cards girls in between some of the rounds, I think they are most beautiful, charming, and sexy.


Isaac Barrio

Hey…I can't argue with you one this one. I say lets see more ring girls and less of Larry Merchant.

Jeffery Wilson

Roy's record speaks for itself. The man can dominate the sport for only so long. But to think as many have, that Roy has been exposed with his last couple of fights. They are ignorant of the record of one of the best to ever lace up the gloves. People see his losses as vindication of their thoughts of Roy as not being as good as he is. He can't help it that he was so much better than the rest. He was the Bruce Lee of boxing. It will be a looooong time before we see the likes of a Roy Jones Jr. again.

Isaac Barrio

Ok, I'm not a big Roy Jones fan but I can't argue with facts. Roy was incredible. His record does speak for itself and add that he beat the heavyweight that never goes away...John Ruiz. Is he the best ever? No. Is he the best of his generation? Yes. Will we see another like him? Yes…we have Floyd Mayweather just coming into his prime. Oh…and don't forget Bernard Hopkins.

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